Part 1 of a 10-part Series: AWPA Use Categories and End Tags

What preservatives are in pressure treated wood?

  • There are different preservatives for lumber treated for ground contact, above ground, lake and marine uses.
  • All preservatives standardized by the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) are registered pesticides regulated by the EPA. The AWPA Book of Standards categorizes preservatives by their intended use with the required minimum preservative retention levels.
Where to use chart

The infographic below shows common residential projects and the applicable Use Category for the specific exposures.

AWPA Treated

Be sure to check the end tags.

The end tag designates the following information.

  1. AWPA U1 – this shows the preservative is listed in the AWPA Standards
  2. AWPA (UCS) Use Category – Includes Name and UCS Abbreviation Code
  3. Preservative code: EL2, CA-C, CA-B for example
  4. Preservative Name is Optional: Ecolife, Copper Azole Type C, Copper Azole Type B for example
  5. Preservative retention – the amount of preservative retained in the wood
  6. CheckMark and Inspection agency logo – if the treating plant subscribes to third-party quality control, you will see the logo of an agency accredited by the American Lumber Standard Committee and usually a “CheckMark” logo to make it easier to locate the agency logo.
  7. Manufacturer and Location – Name of treater and location of treating plant.

More details on AWPA standardized preservatives

Topics covered in our 10-part series

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