One World Trade Center - New York, NY

Built with D-Blaze Fire Retardant Treated Wood

Willis Tower, formerly the Sears Tower - Chicago, IL

Remodeled using D-Blaze Fire Retardant Treated Wood

Navy Pier - Chicago, IL

Built using D-Blaze Fire Retardant Treated Wood

Chicago Navy Pier

Destin Beach Boardwalk and Pier - Destin, FL

Built with Ecolife

Build with Preserve CA

Preserve CA beach walkway with railing

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Viance 3-Part Specifications at ARCAT

Complete CSI 3-part and Canadian CSC architectural specs are located at this link and can easily be downloaded, customized for your residential or commercial project, and included in your master spec for future use.

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06 05 73 Treated Wood Preservatives - Pressure Treated Wood

06 05 73.13 Fire Retardant Treated Wood - Pressure Treated Wood

D-Blaze Fire Retardant Treated Wood

D-Blaze treated lumber and plywood are designed for interior applications where the fire retardant construction materials are specified or required by building code. D-Blaze has 35 years of proven performance in being highly effective at controlling the spread of flame and reducing smoke development as a result of fire. The D-Blaze fire-retardant treatment is built-in fire protection throughout the lumber and plywood through the pressure treating process.

Free CEU Courses Available

Viance sponsors the following three CEU courses:

1. ON DEMAND  AIA Course Number: VIA06E, "Fire Retardant Treated Wood for Single, Multi-family and Commercial Structures" 

CONTACT US at to set up an in-person CEU course.

2. IN-PERSON  AIA Course Number: IVIA06A, "Fire Retardant Treated Wood for Single, Multi-family and Commercial Structures"

Course Credit: 1 AIA LU/HSW CE Hour

Course Description:

Viance FRTW in person and on demand CEU course

This course provides insight into the growing need for and use of fire retardant treated wood (FRTW) and plywood. We will explore both interior and exterior FRTW and plywood and discuss treatment options. Through a review of applications, codes, and standards, the design professional will have a better understanding of how to incorporate FRTW and plywood into their next project. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain how fire-retardant treated wood (FRTW) and plywood reduces personal injury and property damage by reducing the spread of flame and smoke
  2. Discuss the differences between interior and exterior FRTW and common applications of each
  3. Identify the organizations and codes that ensure FRTW products are standardized and safe for future users, especially in the event of an emergency
  4. List the various tests and the quality control process

3. ON DEMAND AIA Course Number: VIA06D,  "All Treated Wood is Not the Same."

    Course Credit: 1 AIA LU/HSW CE Hour

    Course Description:

    Viance CEU course, All Treated Wood is Not the Same

    Protective treatments are important for any wood project, but all treated wood is not the same. Join us in this one-hour course as we discuss standards and guidelines for treated wood and preservatives in order to ensure wood projects are safe and code compliant. Participants will learn about important standards, testing methods, and applications that will help them evaluate treated wood for future projects.

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Describe the need for protective treatments that ensure wood projects and buildings remain structurally and environmentally safe
    2. Identify standards and guidelines created by organizations such as the EPA and AWPA for treated wood preservatives
    3. Recall important research and development testing methods in order to evaluate the environmental and performance characteristics of treated wood
    4. Apply knowledge of treatments' standards for residential deck construction to ensure projects are code compliant

    Approved by AIA, Viance's free courses for CEU credits are published on

    Available Credits:

    AIA Approved Course

    American Institute of Architects

    Completion Provides: 1 AIA LU CE Hour Reports Earned Credits to AIA On Your Behalf

    AIBD Approved Course

    American Institute of Building Design

    Completion Provides 1 AIBD CE Hour

    Members Must Self-Report Credits for AIBD

    OAA Approved Course

    Ontario Association of Architects

    Completion Provides: 1 OAA Structured Learning Hour

    Members Must Self-Report Credits for OAA

    AAA Approved Course

    Alberta Association of Architects

    Completion Provides: 1 AAA Structured Learning Hour

    Members Must Self-Report Credits for AAA

    SAA Approved Course

    Saskatchewan Association of Architects

    Completion Provides: 1 SAA Core Learning Hour

    Members Must Self-Report Credits for SAA

    BOMI Approved Course

    Building Owners and Managers Institute,

    Completion Provides: 1 CPD hour

    Members Must Self-Report Credits for BOMI

      Trusted by the World's Best

      Dan Jones, Manager

      84 Lumber, Rozzelles Ferry Road, Charlotte, NC

      Dan Jones, Manager, 84 Lumber, Charlotte, NC

      "Ecolife is our brand of choice for pressure treated wood for a couple of reasons. We have seen a great reduction in checking as well as an overall improvement in product appearance. This leads to cost reduction and customer satisfaction."

      Bill Gay, National Sales Manager

      W.C. Meredith Company

      WC Meredith Company

      “As a treater, changing to DCOI was a seamless transition with the steam conditioning process plus the DCOI preservative has extremely good penetration all the way to the heart of the wood. UltraPole NXT with DCOI offers additional benefits of less toxicity for lineman, the public and the environment, plus linemen are very happy with the drill-ability and say it climbs beautifully.

      Shannon Terrell, President and CEO

      Brooks Manufacturing

      Brooks Manufacturing - Crossarms

      "The advantage of DCOI for us as a wood crossarm treater, is the preservative penetrates better than penta. To our customers, they will not recognize a difference from penta in color or look of the wood, but they are getting a product with better treating results."

      Eric Perez

      Florida Lumber, Miami, FL

      “Florida Lumber has carried Ecolife for over four years, and we keep our lumber stock outside. The Miami weather can be harsh on treated lumber, and we’ve seen a dramatic decrease in cracking and cupping in our inventory compared with other treatments. The other big benefit is Ecolife is fully compatible with fasteners and in our constantly humid and moist climate, that is a big advantage to builders. We’ve done very well with Ecolife, and we probably sell one to two truckloads per week and have lots of repeat customers that return to buy it again.”

      Jeff Rorex, Homeowner


      “I used Ecolife to build a 24' x 36' deck around my above-ground swimming pool to make the pool easier for people to use. I chose Ecolife because of the consistent uniformity in the appearance of the deck boards and the warranty. I installed a composite deck about ten years ago, and have never really been happy with it, and wish I could have used Ecolife instead back then. The clarity and natural wood beauty of the Ecolife deck boards is impressive, and I have recommended Ecolife to friends and would continue to recommend it in the future.”

      Joseph Miranda, Homeowner


      “Our home was built 30 years ago, with a ground-level entrance deck up to a landing and front door. After the original deck passed its useful life, we decided to rebuild the deck on its original footprint since it functioned not only as a distinctive entry-way but also as an extended outdoor living space integrated into the front-yard landscape.

      We chose Ecolife, first because of its appearance. We wanted the look of authentic wood, in place of the synthetics, the promise of a long life as we had with our original wood deck, and the ease of construction that came with using stabilized, dimensioned wood, as well as the integrated eco-friendly wood preservative and weathering treatments. We also wanted to balance cost with quality, for both final appearance and quality of construction. We were also looking for a product that would weather naturally and hold up well under our challenging coastal climate of heat and humidity. Ecolife fit the bill and has been performing well.”

      James Wolfe, Homeowner


      “We built a 16’x25’ deck using Ecolife. I am in the process of building benches and flower planter boxes for the perimeter in lieu of a railing. In my area, I had a few lumber yards to choose from and spent a lot of time talking with staff members about their products and of course pricing. The YouTube video describing the product side-by-side with the competitor sample was very helpful and informative, and the “green” benefits and affordable price were also huge in our decision process.

      Working with the Ecolife product was very nice compared to other products I have used in the past. The decking also sat in the sun for a few hours and there was no board warping or twisting. The boards cut very easy and did not split while using self-drilling screws even when screw placement was near the edge. I will definitely be using Ecolife when I rebuild my pond dock later this summer!”