Part 2 - Treated Wood Sizes and Project Plans

Common Treated Wood Sizes

Below are the actual and nominal sizes of treated wood, their common lengths and popular uses. Also listed are standard deck board dimensions and landscape timber size.

common treated wood sizes

Popular Projects You'd Be Proud to Build

From garden and work benches to sheds and fencing, check here for links to the project plans listed below.

  1. Firewood Shed
  2. Work Bench
  3. Potting Bench
  4. Planter Bench
  5. Outdoor Storage Locker
  6. Pavilion and Shed
  7. Boardwalk
  8. Wood and Stone Deck
  9. Pergola
  10. Gazebo
  11. Waist-high Raised Garden Planter
  12. Renewing a Fence

Decking and Fencing Building Tips

building a deck
Click photo for deck building tips
buidling a fence
Click photo for fence building tips

Topics covered in our 10-part series

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Part 2. Common treated wood sizes in nominal and actual dimensions plus popular project plans

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Part 4. Staining Treated Wood

Part 5. Care and maintenance

Part 6. Tips for shoveling snow and ice removal on wood decks

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Part 8. Research on treated wood used in raised garden beds

Part 9. How wood is pressure treated

Part 10. How to interview contractors and check references

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