Top 10 Facts on UltraPole® NXT with DCOI

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UltraPole® NXT wood utility poles and crossarms with DCOI provide long-term efficacy with low environmental impact. They are the first major innovation in years for utility infrastructure with 28 years of performance data for treated wood pole and crossarm protection. Below are the key facts about UltraPole NXT and crossarms with DCOI.

Top 10 Facts on UltraPoleNXT with DCOI

  1. The active ingredient is DCOI, whose formulation is 4,5-Dichloro-2-N-Octyl-4-Isothiazolin-3-One (CAS No 64359-81-5).
  2. DCOI is not a Restricted Use Pesticide and is not persistent in soil.
  3. DCOI is an organic, broad-spectrum biocide that is effective against wood decay fungi and termites
  4. UltraPole NXT with DCOI contains no heavy metals, dioxins, furans, or PAHs.
  5. UltraPole NXT with DCOI is the first, new oil-borne industrial wood preservative developed in decades.
  6. DCOI is standardized as a wood preservative by AWPA and listed as P-39 in the Book of Standards.
  7. DCOI earned the EPA’s President’s Green Chemistry Challenge Award in 1996 for its use as an alternative to tributyltin (TBT) compounds in marine antifoulant coatings.
  8. UltraPole NXT with DCOI is the only oil-borne industrial wood preservative backed by a warranty – a 50-year limited warranty.
  9. UltraPole NXT with DCOI uses less energy, fossil fuels, and water to produce; with lower ecotoxicity than other materials used for poles.
  10. UltraPole NXT with DCOI is low to no odor and easy to climb.

DCOI is used in, and currently sold as:

  • a marine antifoulant
  • an algaecide for cooling towers
  • an industrial microbicide in drywall
  • an industrial microbicide in shower curtains
  • an industrial microbicide in pool liners
  • an industrial microbicide in brewery pasteurizing and can warmer systems
  • a fungicide/bactericide for in-can paint formulations
  • a fungicide component in Ecolife®, the best performing, non-metal based, above ground residential preservative on the market.

For more information on UltraPole NXT and crossarms with DCOI, visit their product page.

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