Is the D-Blaze fire retardant treated wood FSC certified?

D-Blaze does make wood products FSC certified.

D-Blaze treating is a process that does not affect the sourcing of wood products and therefore has no effect on FSC certification.

The D-Blaze treating process is considered just a stop in the supply chain. As long as the wood substrate being treated is FSC certified, a stop at a treating plant for the D-Blaze pressure impregnation process will not break the chain of custody as long as the requisite tracking of the material through the process is adhered to.

The important thing is that the vendor of the D-Blaze treated material can supply the FSC certification upon delivery of the treated product and the product is marked appropriately.

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Todd Schoffstoll, Western Regional Manager


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Todd Schoffstoll, Viance, LLC