Winter Prep for Your Deck

Viance courtesy of Deck Medic - Prep your deck for winter

Decks have many purposes and are also very valuable assets. Your deck can be used for entertaining, watching the kids in your backyard, cooking out, or just relaxing and reading. Your deck also has significant monetary value.

Anyone who has purchased a home inherently understands that an “eyesore” of a deck has a substantial negative impact on a home’s resale value. Additionally, a poorly maintained deck can also have a psychological effect on potential homebuyers too…the homebuyer may wonder if the deck is poorly maintained, what else is poorly maintained?

So, outside of recommended periodic cleaning and refinishing (as required) of your deck, what can you do to prepare for every Fall/Winter to keep your deck in a maintainable and useful condition, and ultimately preserve the deck’s value?

  • Remove all potted plants and planters from the surface of your deck. Potted plants and planters trap water underneath of them and can lead to discoloration of the deck’s finish.
  • Keep leaves off deck throughout the Fall season. Leaves can also trap water, but the fallen leaves can also discolor the surface of your deck.
  • Remove any rugs with rubber backing or tight fibers that trap water underneath (that don’t allow air through them – don’t breathe). Woven rugs are the best options if you insist on a deck rug.Prep your deck for winter
  • When snow is on decks, don’t shovel the snow with a metal shovel. Come springtime, the scratches will be evident. Also, don’t be tempted to treat snow/ice with salt as this too can lead to damage to the finish on the deck.

These are just a few tips to keep your deck looking good and useful for years to come. Follow them and start off next Spring with a deck that you’re proud of.

The article is written by and courtesy of deck professional, John Wroth, owner of Deck Medic of Lake Norman. John can be reached at or 980-800-9663.

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