Viance Ad Campaign to Promote DCOI Alternative to Penta

With the launch of the first major innovation in 50 years for the wood utility pole preservation industry, Viance is unveiling an ad campaign in October to feature this next generation utility pole preservative, UltraPole NXT.  With Penta production ending in December 2021, utilities are faced with a choice for wood pole treatments. UltraPole NXT provides treaters the transition to a preservative that also offers more benefits for utilities, linemen, consumers and the environment. 

Along with a partnership announcement with a prominent wood pole supplier to the electric utilities, UltraPole NXT will be featured in the October issue of RE (Rural Electric) Magazine along with State Cooperatives Wisconsin Energy Co-op News and North Dakota Living. Ads in November and December include Illinois County Living, Indian Connection, Kansas Country Living, and Ohio Cooperative Living. 

Text UltraPole to 484848 for more information.