Join us at the Nat'l Railroad Construction & Mtne Assoc. Exhibition

Join us at the National Railroad Construction (NRC) and Maintenance Association and Exhibition with the Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association (REMSA)

Wednesday - Saturday, January 3 - 6, 2024

Scottsdale, Arizona

Stop by the Viance booth #1037 to learn about UltraTieTM with DCOI.
Viance UltraTie crosstie preserved with DCOI

UltraTie with DCOI are new, treated wood railroad ties currently being evaluated by Short lines and Class 1 railroads.

UltraTie, like its cousin, UltraPole® NXT, provides long-term efficacy with low environmental impact. Treated with DCOI, both are the first major innovations in America’s infrastructure in decades.

UltraTie is currently standardized in the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) Book of Standards for Coastal Douglas-fir, Western Hemlock, and Western Larch for UC categories UC4A, UC4B, and UC4C. Additionally, mixed hardwoods, Oak, Hickory, Southern and Ponderosa pine were unanimously approved by the AWPA T3 committee in 2023. Final approval is expected in January 2024.

Environmental Impact Compared to Available Alternatives

Compared to other materials such as galvanized steel, fiber reinforced composite or concrete, UltraTie uses less total energy, less fossil fuels and less water to manufacture while producing less acid rain, less greenhouse gases, less eutrophication, with lower ecotoxicity. 

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